Xamarin Evolve 2016

02 May 2016

This year was my first attendee to the Xamarin Evolve conference thanks to my company Orange Applications for Business.



During the two first days, I followed the lessons from the Xamarin.University team which were very instructive! I learned on several advanced technical topics such as memory management, build options.



Day 01 : Main

The main announcements that I fell in love with during the first keynote was :

  1. Xamarin.Forms Previewer : Oh My God, finally a designer for Xamarin.Forms! We will be able to see how our XAML renders without the need to deploy the application on a device/simulator. For me, this was the most exciting announcement this year.
  2. Open Sourcing : all the Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms code will be available on GitHub. More info
  3. Remote iOS Simulator for Visual Studio : you will be able have a real-time stream of the iOS simulator from your Windows device.
  4. Xamarin.Forms Themes : we will finally be able to have re-usable Themes through multiple applications projects.
  5. Test Cloud Live : remote debugging from every device from the Xamarin Test Cloud with a realtime preview f its screen.

But there was other cool new features announced such as :

Day 03 : Xammy Awards

Enteprise projects was rewarded during Xammy Awards, and my though was that we must be part of it with Orange Applications for Business and my co-workers next year!

Day 03 : Closing session

A discussion between Steve Wozniak … and Steve Woziak! He explained his vision of technology and the future of it.



During two days, a many sessions was presented by Xamarin experts from the company or from the community.

Here a list of sessions I attended to :

Watch all the sessions

All the sessions are now available from the official website. Go watch all of them now, there’s awesome conferences from wonderful people!



Many great events was hosted by Xamarin, and by far the most amazing was the party at Universal Studios : be able to do all the rollercoasters and drinking Butter Beer without waiting was so pleasing.



What a great experience it was : great talks, very advanced technical topics, mood, audience.

See you next year Nat! ;)